Testimonial 14

Clinical trials organizer wanting a career in Geology

1) I work in clinical trials, but have always been interested in Geology. I am also a mother of three children. I studied for  BSc Earth Sciences at Birkbeck and graduated last year.

2) I wanted to obtain knowledge of earth process and earth history from my studies and understand the subject better.

3) The distance learning option from Birkbeck Earth and Planetary Sciences was extremely helpful as it allowed me to view lectures from home and save time and energy that would have been spent physically attending lectures. Saving time was important as I was working and parenting whilst studying (balancing my demands also helped develop time management skills). Studying from home allowed me to pause, reverse and repeat lectures until I was satisfied with my understanding of the lectures. This enabled me to develop study skills suited to my needs. Different people have different needs and not everyone flourishes in a classroom setting. I found I needed much more time to absorb information/concepts/processes. Being able to repeat lectures easily at home definitely contributed to my achieving a 2:1 honours degree.

4) I now find that my career prospects have changed in that I am able to apply for jobs in my field of interest, having achieved a good grade from a London university.

5) I can recommend part time study to anyone in the same position as I was. I did not achieve amazing results at school and subsequently had very little confidence in my abilities. Distance learning at Birkbeck helped me achieve a goal I had set for myself 21 years ago!

Sumrana Ali