Testimonial 9

Principal of an International School requiring continuing professional development

I decided upon taking a BSc Earth Science at University of London not only because of a life-long fascination with the geology of the Earth, but because the Distance Learning Programme the university offered allowed me to continue in my work, which happens to be out of the U.K., and to not worry about getting back to the U.K. on a regular basis for classes.

Despite some initial scepticism as to the quality of the courses, all fears were allayed once I began to read through and study from the course materials. What I found were impeccably designed courses, well-written, well-constructed and as such extremely user friendly. This said, all courses were also extremely challenging and pushed me to think and work. The communication with all lecturers was excellent, and I felt supported and encouraged throughout my studies ā€“ something I felt was absolutely vital when studying as a distance learner. I am now working on my PhD at University of London in the field of Planetary Geology ā€“ something I would have found hard to believe if someone had told me Iā€™d be doing this a few years ago!

A whole new realm of possibilities now lies ahead of me. I would wholeheartedly recommend the degree course to anyone with a desire to better themselves, to receive an extremely high standard of education and who is willing to realize that they can obtain all they would being part of the distance learning programme as they would as face-to-face students, if not more!

J.R. Brown