Testimonial 5

Web programmer wanting a research role (PhD) in geology

I was a professional web programmer and was looking to change career, so I studied for a BSc Earth Sciences at Birkbeck. I wanted to learn more about the Earth and other planets and the course definitely delivered.

I was mostly based in London but couldn't always make it in the evenings and also spent periods abroad, so it was great to have all the course materials and lectures easily available online. I was also able to attend residential field classes in Scotland and Lanzarote, where everyone participating in the course around the world could meet and get hands-on experience, which was invaluable.

As a result of doing this degree, I landed a fully-funded PhD opportunity to study Planetary Science, which is going very well. I very much recommend any of Birkbeck's Earth Sciences courses – its the only place in the UK offering such a good mix of hands-on and remote learning, plus the courses are well-taught and cover a wide range of interesting and practical geological topics.

Rebecca Thomas