Testimonial 4

Environmental Geologist in Australia who was a social worker

I started a degree at Birkbeck as a social worker looking for a career change and four years later graduated from a BSc Geology to commence a graduate position (one week after my last exam!), as an Environmental Geologist with URS in Sydney.

The Birkbeck course was flexible enough for me to work full-time during the first three years of the program and to complete the final year of study by distance from Australia, watching videoed lectures over the internet and submitting assignments on-line. The field trips were a fantastic opportunity to learn in a challenging and hands on environment and were a wonderful experience, with great teaching staff and fellow students. My field experience helped me to gain employment as a geologist.

The most exciting part of the course for me was learning the ways in which geologists can investigate, and better understand, the processes that take place at tectonic boundaries. I am planning to commence a Masters of Science later this year, modelling tectonic plate deformation and my degree has given me invaluable skills to approach this research. Completing this degree at Birkbeck has been the achievement that I am most proud of and that has opened up many doors for me, allowed me to meet new friends that I will keep for life and given me an opportunity to study in a field that I am passionate about.

I thoroughly recommend the course to new students keen to gain a high quality and comprehensive geological qualification.

Sarah Bembrick