Testimonial 2

Technician in the Canadian oil and mining industry seeking technical skills in geology

As an Environmental Technician studying B.Sc. Geology at Birkbeck I need studies that can fit around my life. The distance learning option from Birkbeck has allowed this with lots of hands on experience with field classes to Greece and Scotland. I now find my career options are opening every year. I can recommend the B.Sc. Geology to anyone who wants to improve their career. When working in an unfulfilling job and fearing being a broke student the distance learning Birkbeck B.Sc. Geology program has proved the answer. I wanted to study where I could build a career, study and find a job at the end with a great life style. YouTube style lectures, compressed hands on field courses and great student professor interaction has made me feel part of the class for a price comparable to Canadian domestic fees. And, because of the ability to work while studying I was hired full-time as an Environmental Technician before even completing my degree, now I have a career and am completing a degree. I recommend the Birkbeck B.Sc. Geology to anyone or any corporate training program who want to combine career and education. Plus, I get to stick University of London degree on my resume.

Charles Bryson