Testimonial 12

Retired businessman with interest in geology who wants to help teach

I studied for a BSc Geology when I retired from a career in business. I had always been interested in geology so wanted to develop my knowledge and skills with the available time to devote to study.

I chose Birkbeck Earth & Planetary Sciences because I was close enough to attend classes in person with the added flexibility of the support of on-line facilities including videos of the lectures. I particularly enjoyed the field work getting together with other students on residential classes in Skye, Greece, Morocco and Lanzarote. The wide range of mature students from a variety of backgrounds significantly enhanced the experience. The degree has enabled me to participate in work on geological investigations, lead geological trips, and take part in teaching others.

I would recommend Birkbeck Earth & Planetary Sciences as great place to study. It enables students to get the most out of their courses regardless of their proximity to the college.  I now help with teaching as a demonstrator in practical classes.

Clive Maton