Testimonial 1

Oil and gas industry technician wanting to become a geologist

I am a Geoscience Technical Assistant working within the oil and gas industry and I have just finished studying the BSc Geology degree part-time as a face to face student.

Studying this degree has been beneficial in enabling me to apply what I have learnt at Birkbeck to my current role at work. My career has significantly changed whilst studying at Birkbeck, and has enabled me to be promoted from an administrative role to a geoscience based role.

The Easter field classes were undertaken in Scotland, Greece, Morocco and Lanzarote, where we were able to observe fantastic exposures of various rock types and structures. The trips were also a great way to socialise with other students on the course and were a great way of using what was taught within lectures to applying that knowledge to field based work.By studying this degree, it has opened up my opportunities at work, and has encouraged me to undertake further postgraduate studies.

I really recommend studying at Birkbeck as the staff are very approachable, the learning materials are excellent within a friendly, sociable atmosphere.

Jenna Lee