Testimonial 6

Australian Mining Industry specialist wanting technical skills in geology

I am a freelance journalist in the mining industry looking to acquire the technical skills needed to move from my position as a commentator into a more active industry role. To achieve this I am completing a BSc Geology at Birkbeck, which has only been possible with the distance learning option.

Living outside London and working full-time meant attending multiple lectures was time consuming and expensive. Using the distance learning option allowed me to save money and optimise my time. My work and family commitments have also required me to travel on a regular basis for extended periods. During these times I have used the distance learning option to make sure I'm not left behind at college, no matter where I am in the world. 

Mixing face-to-face and distance learning was a fantastic option for me and, having come back to tertiary education after a 10-year hiatus, I was astounded to learn that Birkbeck College is the only university worldwide that offers this facility. The online material is first class and includes video lectures, online reading, and practical materials. It is always improving and I have never felt that I am at a disadvantage if I can't make it to class.

For me, the learning options, the quality of teaching, and the opportunity to experience regular domestic and international field trips (Scotland, Greece, Morocco, Lanzarote, Cyprus ...) meant the Birkbeck BSc Geology ticked all the boxes. I have no hesitation in recommending Birkbeck to anyone looking for a BSc Geology, particularly for those juggling other commitments.

Chris Cann