Testimonials from Students

This page will give you a feeling of what our students are like. You may find an example of someone who was in a similar situation to you, and, therefore, find out how we helped them and how we could help you.

Typical students at Birkbeck are working for a living, trying to fit studies around this. Many of them have existing degrees, but want a change or more experience. Our goal is to widen participation in education so we want to help them. To this end, we teach all of our degrees and certificates face-to-face in central London in the evening (6-9 pm) to a cohort of around 250 undergraduates, making this available to others via flexible distance learning (there are about another 100 students worldwide studying through distance learning). Face-to-face, we teach in the evening from 6-9 pm so people can attend after work; we also provide revision classes and refresher courses in Saturday sessions. Our students are of all ages (18-80 years of age), with an average of about 27 years old. They are young (and some older!) professionals and interested amateurs. The common thread is that our students want to change their lives and we try to help them achieve this.

Examples of students and their opinions about our courses are provided below. Click on the titles for more information about each person.

Oil and gas industry technician wanting to become a geologist – Jenna Lee >>

Canadian oil and mining industry technician seeking technical skills in geology – Charles Bryson >>

Mining industry consultant in south Africa who was trained at Birkbeck – Joanne MacGillicuddy >>

Environmental Geologist in Australia who was a social worker – Sarah Bembrick >>

Web programmer wanting a research role (PhD) in geology – Rebecca Thomas >>

Australian Mining Industry specialist wanting technical skills in geology – Chris Cann >>

Banker with an interest in palaeontology – Paul Varotsis >>

IT Specialist in an International NGO wanting a research role (PhD) in geology – Melanie Ray >>

Principal of an International School requiring continuing professional development – J.R. Brown >>

Electrician who became a hydrogeologist in the environmental industry – Ross Baker >>

Gardener who wants a research role (PhD) in geology – Ann Spence >>

Retired businessman with interest in geology who wants to help teach – Clive Maton >>

Oil consultant in the financial sector wanting more technical knowledge – Alistair Jury >>

Clinical trials organizer wanting a career in Geology – Sumrana Ali >>

Teacher in a bi-lingual primary school in Italy with a passion for the natural world – Jo Oddie >>