Students emerge with degrees and certificates from the University of London. Each module is examined through written exams held in May – June each year with assessed work to be submitted throughout the year. 

Exams can be taken in central London, or at remote exam centres in the UK, or overseas exam centres arranged through the British Council. Fees include the costs of the central London exams, but additional fees are to be paid by students to remote exam centres (~£200 per year as a guide, but local fees vary for different institutions). We will help to organise exams at remote exams centres and are experienced at this as we have been running distance exams for nearly 10 years (before that all exams were in London).

Exams are typically a 3 hour written paper for each 15 credit module (360 credits to gain a degree). You may end-up taking up to 24 hours of exams each May – June. Modules will also have a variety of assessed work assignments or practical exams depending on the subjects taken.

Examination fails can be redeemed up to a maximum of 3 attempts. Borderline fails for exams taken in May-June can be re-taken in September (depending on the discretion of the Board of Examiners), but more extreme fails will need another year of study and exam re-takes the following May – June. Fees are to be paid per year, not per module, so failed exams may necessitate extra years of study with the extra fees this will entail.

A maximum of 90 credits can be examined in any year (so typically 4 years are needed to gain a degree, 2 years to gain a Certificate in Higher Education and 1 year to gain a Graduate Certificate – slower routes to degrees are also available such as the 6 year decelerated route or routes involving a 1 year break in studies).

We have video-streamed revision classes, with face-to-face, telephone, email and Skype revision classes to help you get through the exams.